Meet Erik Lars Myers of Mystery Brewing Company

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Erik Lars Myers has pretty much run the gamut of right- and left-brained career choices – with a degree in theater and performance art and a long work background programming – it seems somehow fitting that he ended up right here in the middle, with a beer in hand.

He has been self-taught in every aspect of his work career, thus far, and figures that it’s a little late in life to start doing anything differently. After a decade of homebrewing, he starting looking into the craft beer industry a little more seriously through his blog, Top Fermented, got involved helping out with Know Your Brewer and the North Carolina Brewers Guild and finally decided to venture out on his own in business doing what he loves most.

He loves brewing because he feels a kinship to its heady blend of art and science. He loves the creative aspect of inventing a truly outstanding beer and enjoys the precision that is required to craft it.

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