Homebrewer Registration Charlottesville

Please note: We are at capacity for homebrewers at the 2016 festival. Things and plans sometimes change so we’d still like you to register. We will create a waiting list and can also inform you quickly about future events. Thanks!

Homebrew for Hunger is a celebration of the growing interest in craft and artisan brewing in our area and more specifically the role that home brewers are playing in promoting an understanding of craft beer and the processes and ingredients involved in its production. We hope to foster an environment in which local home brewers and the public can have an enjoyable and educational experience all to the benefit of a local charity.

Without the involvement and support of our local home brewers we would not be able to hold this event and we thank you. We encourage brewers to sign up as soon as possible as table space will be limited. Please make sure that you are able to attend before you sign up as we want to ensure that we have the maximum number of brewers there.

What you Give

  • Registered home brewers must bring a minimum of 4 total gallons to participate. You are encouraged to bring multiple batches, but you must bring at least 2 gallons of anything you wish to enter into the contest.
  • You must bring your own means of dispensing your beer (bottles, CO2, etc.).
  • You should bring coolers, slop buckets, and anything you might need to maintain your station.

What you Get

  • Free festival admission
  • A 25% discount on up to $50 worth of ingredients from Fifth Season Gardening Company (must be redeemed before the festival)
  • A table and access to ice
  • Free refreshments
  • Guaranteed volunteer time so that you may leave your table and enjoy the festival
  • An opportunity to make a positive difference!

Lead Brewer's Name (required)

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City, State

Homebrew Club

Expected Total Volume of Beer
We encourage you to bring multiple selections. Minimum 4 gallons for entry in the homebrew contest, at least 2 gallons of each beer.


Dispensing Method

Please tell us as much as you can about the beers you intend to bring to the festival. If you are still working on your recipes, don't worry. We'll ask again later.

I understand that in registering as a homebrewer for the Homebrew for Hunger festival I am making a commitment to attend with the expected volume of beer indicated. I also understand that the festival organizers will be counting on my participation and I will make every effort to inform them with as much advanced notice possible if for some reason I cannot attend.
I understand